My Loss Our Gain


On June 1st, 2014 the Academy launched a new and creative six month initiative, “My Loss, Our Gain” campaign designed to raise awareness and financial support for the AADA’s political action committee, SkinPAC, as well as two charitable activities supported by the Academy, Camp Discovery and the Shade Structure programs.

Past Academy President Daniel Siegel, AAD Secretary-Treasurer Suzanne Olbricht and AAD Executive Director Elaine Weiss have committed to a six month weight loss program in which they each simultaneously lose pounds and gain support for these most important activities.

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Each individual has identified sponsors who will contribute dollars for every pound lost. Drs. Siegel, Olbricht and Ms. Weiss launched the initiative with a weigh-in on June 1st and will conclude with a final weigh in on December 1st. Each participant set their own personal weight loss goals and will tackle the challenge as they desire, with a basic approach being to eat a lot less and exercise a lot more.

Individual sponsors decide whether their financial support goes to the AADA PAC, to help us strengthen our political activities or alternatively, one of two of the Academy’s most important charitable causes: Camp Discovery, where AAD sponsors and administers six weeks of camp in five locations a series of summer camps to provide children living with skin disease the opportunity to experience overnight camp or the Shade Structure Grant Program, which funds shade structures for non-profit organizations and public schools to install permanent shade structures for outdoor locations that are not protected from the sun, such as playgrounds, pools or recreation spaces)

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